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Construction Estimating Services

Based in South Yorkshire, we offer the benefits of over 30 years experience working for various employees from large blue chip construction companies and house building developers down  to small local builders and specialist subcontractors.

I have been in the position of homeowner wanting an extension, owner of a building company tendering for work, successful estimator for major international construction companies, designer of cost effective sustainable new build properties and project manager delivering a dream project on time and on budget. So being able to draw upon my experience I am able to correctly cost up the project thus providing a worry free transition from contemporary design to award winning properties. This service is now available to all at an easily affordable rate.

Our services are guaranteed to improve your client base, and provide you with a substantial advantage over your competitors.

Impartial assessment of costs
Unrivalled technical expertise
Detailed material schedule
Materials itemised in build stage
Schedule of special order items
Products listed in UoM

Using our service will not only increase your success rate greatly but also maximise your profits.

All Estimates prepared are built up from first principles with agreed labour rates as provided by clients or as thought fit for the project.

1. We have worked in partnership with numerous builders, clients and architects over the decades
2. We guarantee a totally confidential service to you, the client.
3. We can supply fully prepared, resourced and priced tenders to all parties concerned.
4. We price all projects professionally, calculating full rate build ups from first principles, individually tailored for every estimate.
5. We can assist larger companies when staff shortages effect the ability to tender projects.
6. We are an inexpensive and cost effective way of pricing tenders for a company.
7. You need only to use us on a project by project basis so there is no permanent overhead costs of a full time employee Estimator.
8. You receive a fully detailed quantity take offs and estimate breakdown including a summary of all labour, plant, material and sub-contract requirements (if needed)

9. All our prices are site proven

Our Services


We regularly provide detailed quotes for architects in Sheffield and nationwide.


We can work with or prepare Bills or Quantities from detailed drawings or sketches on the back of a fag packet



Here at CES, we specialise in estimating services for main and sub-contractors. They form part of 85% of all our annual work.

Construction Estimating Services in Sheffield

We at CES have identified a need for our professional and accurate services and are offering over 30 years experience in the commercial, industrial and domestic sector to the parties above

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Our friendly customer service representatives are committed to answering all your questions and meeting any need you may have. We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below so we may assist you.


We have repeatedly used CES services for our estimating work and will continue to work with them in the future.


Oliver Wild, Director, Oliver Wild ltd

There are QS’s and there are The estimators. They might not be the  firm here in Sheffield, but they are the best for sure. No matter what issues I have, they have dealt with them in the best way possible.

Steve is the best estimator in the business. 


from Steve’s wife 

Why CES Ltd?

Before I answer can I just ask you a few questions:

  1. Would you climb aboard an aeroplane with a pilot that has flown nothing more than a kite?
  2. Would you go to a surgery and seek medical advice from someone holding nothing more than a first aid certificate?
  3. Would you trust your company and livelihood to an estimating company that can read drawings and schedules and produce impressive looking priced documents?

If you, and I hope you have answered a resounding NO to any of these questions please read on

  • I am an apprentice trained tradesman that has manually worked on construction projects.
  • I have estimated on behalf of local and international companies for over thirty years.
  • I graduated with an honours degree from university
  • I have bought land, designed, built and sold my own properties
  • I have grown a small subcontractor into a thriving company with a five year, 10,000 property contract in just 12 months
  • I am under graduate lecturer in estimating at a local university
  • I understand the industry and consistently provide a beneficial service to all my clients

worked for ased in South Yorkshire, we offer the benefits of over 30 years experience working for a large blue chip construction and house building companies.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose CES?

We have a proven track record of delivering winning tenders with maximum profit margins.

How much will it cost me?

Unlike other online estimators that can apply a cheap and standard price list to inflexible excel based estimates we offer a bespoke service tailored to every project. We are not nor claim to be the cheapest but you will get full value for money and the same if not better service than a direct employed estimator. I can only advise that you contact me for further deatils

How long does a tender take to price a job?

This is totally dependant on many factors but primarily on the clients requirements. Needless to say I have never ever missed a tender submission date.

What does CES do that I can’t get cheaper elsewhere?

What don’t we do?

We are a direct extension of your company whilst in your employment. We come to your home or offices to meet you and become acquainted with the project. We determine, together, the best delivery strategy for you and the project. We follow this up with a mid tender review meeting and finally, prior to submission a tender adjudication meeting. It is here where I handover all the pre-tender documentation, agree and amend areas identified and finally complete the Form of Tender ready for submission.

Is it possible to seek free estimating advice at CES?

We will provide assistance and guidance in all matters whenever requested. So  you need to get in contact before we can offer any benefit.

How can I trust CES?

Every project and client is treated in the utmost confidence.

I can and have provided a signed non disclosure agreement to certain clients upon request


We won’t brag about our clients/tenders, but just let the results speak for themselves






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